Waiting for a Wave Bench

You can reuse all kinds of boards for Benches, wall decor, shelving even a coat rack.
Keep your options open and never send them to the landfill. Donate, Donate, Donate.

Recycle Sneakers


Donate your old torn sneakers to be recycled for flooring - 25,056,779 collect to date world wide

Take the challenge and recycle all sneakers left at fitness centers & schools

grind flooring
interlocking tiles, playground surface, synthetic courts, wood courts
How each part of the sneaker is reused

Please note that you can donate to many charities that will reuse good sneakers for those in need of footwear. Nike is a great place for those sneakers that can no longer be worn.
Also view: Ecosaveology: Banking on Shoes
Special thanks to Nike assistant manager & employees

Indoor Composting Units

Indoor Composting made easy for all homes & offices:

These units are small enough for your apartments, lofts, flats and homes. On a counter or under a table they are ready to compost your waste.

NatureMill indoor composting units 1-3 person:
Terraviva home compost unit compact ready for small spaces - 1-2 person
@yankodesign - twitter

terraviva domestic composter

Oklin offers home compost units and professional units.

Want to take the next step try: Composting Toilets

All produce scraps-this unit is easy to turn several times a day or week -
fruit salad & summer salad with many scraps - will be reused to in the compost unit

Compost Units are great for all your produce scraps, shedded paper without plastic coating, small mulch/yard clippings, flowers, white glue, tea, coffee, and much more.

Helpful articles:
Composting in AU - green
@ecosaveology tweet: Compost Now - homes, offices, restaurants, farms - US Composting Council http://www.compostingcouncil.org/

25th Annual BioCycle West Coast Conference 2010 April 12-15, 2010 -


EAT-IN Stay Healthy and share the conversation
with friends & family. Find the quality & time rewarding.

Spinach, zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms - buy organic whenever possible

love blackened peppers, tomatoes and olives - add to anything

Shredded sweet potatoes lightly sautéed great for children & adults
add cinnamon, cardamon and pepper - great flavor

Zucchini, carrots, beets sautéed just two min with cardamon, ginger & pepper

quick pasta salad for all ages, add tofu, pannier or cheese,
add hearts of palm, mini corn, sun-dried tomatoes,
greek olives anything - take it to go!!

Broccoli mixed with tandoori seasoning baked
till slightly crispy great appetizer

Organic Flax seeds, almonds, cranberries, and cherries
slightly tossed for salads, pastas, or as a quick snack

Organic Rices, then add almonds, cranberries topped with basil
great lunch to take to work

Make a healthy tossed pasta with pine nuts, broccoli, and more

One of my faves! slightly blackened tomatoes:) and olives

Organic Bamboo & Cotton

Quick info for Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo is 300% more absorbent than cotton
Bamboo is hypoallergenic
Bamboo is pesticide free
Bamboo naturally blocks uv
Bamboo is antibacterial

Bamboo is softer than cotton

Bamboo Shirts
Naturally Bamboo Clothing
Green Looped Bamboo
Organic Consumers
Organic Clothing
Wise Geek Bamboo Explained


SEVEN of the top fifteen chemicals used to grow and manufacture
conventionally are suspected carcinogens
and 1/3 of a pound of chemicals to make a cotton t-shirt

Organic Trade Association
Sustainable Cotton Project

Going Green at Home

Not everyone in your home Eco Friendly?

Ways to make it easier

1. Recycle box/bin right in kitchen –recycle newbie’s need easy steps – separate later
2. Purchase eco friendly products soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc – slowly replace non-eco products
3. Switch washing machine to cold and replace detergent with eco friendly one
4. Coordinate shopping & errands - one trip for supplies – Carpool & bikes for shorter rides – great quality time
5. Have shopping list clipped onto reusable bags & ready to go – shopping for new greenies
6. Place small reusable “compost” bin w/cover, like a canister – Easy collection of scraps – then you can bring it out to larger unit

7. A reusable box for paper – all paper waste, cereal boxes, other box packaging – Please Always Shred name, address, personal info, numbers, etc.
8. Shoe boxes make a great recycle bin. In the bathroom, laundry room, kids room just about anywhere for anything
9. Hang a bag for all plastic caps & can tabs. Donate tabs to Ronald McDonald house, drop of plastic caps to Aveda Salon & Spas everywhere
10. Replace TP & PT with Eco friendly recycled paper & turn the hot water temp down
11. Carpool, even suggest bikes for shorter rides – great quality time
12. Encourage one hand on faucet lever for simple on and off when brushing teeth
13. Precycle when shopping for supplies, food, & other – purchase bulk or larger when available
14. Encourage to donate unwanted items
15. Try opt out of junk mail, magazines and other lists you have been added to
16. Replace all the light bulbs with CFL or LED
17. Use smart strips or power strips for easy on/off, of unused electronics & more
18. Timers on exterior lights
19. Programmable thermostats
20. Easy changes at a slow pace and they won't even notice they are going green
Make it easy and encourage a brighter future

Battery Recycle Greenwashing!

My day ...

Visited a location that claims they are a Battery Recycle dropoff facility today. Can you believe that they DON'T RECYCLE Batteries!!! They throw them in the regular trash which then goes out to their dumpster only to end up at a LANDFILL!!! We trusted them to recycle the materials that are dropped of at their facility.

911 recycle which offers some of the best recycling information, has this company listed as a trusted business to recycle these batteries. What's next? We are doing our part to collect them and drive to these locations leaving them with what we thought were trusted recyclers. Why are they claiming to recycle and gaining recognition but turn their backs and dump them into the dumpsters? Why? Greenwashers? This is no fault to 911 Recycle

I will call over thirty places tomorrow and find who is/who isn't recycling batteries. Will they accept them from anywhere and where they send them.

Let's hope this is a start to educating the employees that carelessly toss batteries away that are dropped off by those of us who believe they are recycling them....

Making a difference: Call2Recycle

Slide Picture HandBag - Reuse Recycle Remember

We have over 400 slides at my parents from my grandparents travels all over the world in the 40's 50's and 60' can you imagine before picture of a location in a handbag as you travel that same area today. Consider how easy this is to create for a holiday gift bag.

I love this creation via fototiller

Sport Equipment Recycled

Sports Recycling!

Used Soccer ball purse, Via Geekologie

Wine Racks - 15 ways to reuse your wine rack

Reuse your unwanted wine racks.

1. Use as a magazine rack
2. To sort Mail

3. Keep files your working on organized and handy

4. Paperback book holder

5. Shoes can be seperated/protected

6. Holidays - wrapping paper seperate for easy access and viewing(although, I use old material scraps & recycled paper)
7. Hang on wall for decoration with any of these ideas

8. Place in a guest room with towels

9. Kitchen counter with reusable containers that fit

10. Your favorite T-shirt holder - roll them up

11. Those Thin fall sweaters - again roll and place in sections
12. Use to store your Stainless Steel Reusable bottles

13. Use in Garage for tools

14. Give to your children - they will use it

15. Hang in closet - Roll up those jeans for each section

Toxins to Avoid in Personal Products & Top Brands to use

Don't purchase products with:

Mineral Oils
Sodium Lauryle Sulphate
Propylene Glycol

Look for Organic Natural and Environmental personal care products.

There are many companies working towards a natural organic products for all of us
Fragrances, makeup, hair care, body care & other personal products. Some may offer only a few organic, natural and animal free testing.

Moisturizers offerering a better natural/organic/other rating

Burt's Bee's - I use this product
Estee Lauder - worked for and have used
Garden of Eve
John Masters
Kimberly Sayer
L'Occitane - have used
Miabu Ltd
Murad - I use this product
Ole Henriksen - I use this product
Origins - have used
Pink Horizons
Recovery Serum
Saffron Rouge
Shear Minerals
Skin Free
Suis for face
Sumi Co.
Susan Cininelli
Tara Ayurveda
The purity Project
Tom's of Maine - have used for over 30yrs or more
Topix Citrix
Weleda - have used
And Many Many More...



Check lowest levels:


Ingredients banned in other countries: http://www.ewg.org/node/22624

Beta carotene, Vitamin C & Anti-Aging

Take a minute:

• Be sun smart use SPF 30 whether or not you need it
• Avoid processed foods & limit how much you eat
• Eat fresh & raw veggies/fruit are best
• Use relaxation and meditation to help repair your inner self.
• Stay close to nature, walk, pick up trash along your roads, smile
• Swimming is a great way to exercise many of your body muscles
• Eat nuts and grains not white rices and breads
• My top pics are Blueberries, Tomatoes, yogurt and grains & nuts
• Avoid tanning booths, chemical makeup, lotions, and other body products
• Clean your home naturally avoid chemical cleaners
• Try juicing but eating the skin along with fruit is best
• Limit amount of red meats, if you eat meat try chicken & fish

Here are some helpful lists.

1. Beta-carotene - destroy free radicals help slow aging process
• Carrots
• Pumpkin
• Sweet potato ***
• Butternut squash
• Mango
• Spinach **
• Cantaloupe
• Kale
• Greens (beet, collard, and mustard)
• Swiss chard
• Red peppers
• Apricots
• Broccoli
• Prunes
• Artichoke hearts
• Romaine and loose-leaf lettuce
• Tomatoes- lycopene

2. Vitamin C – anti aging properties
• Most any citrus fruit
• Fresh orange and grapefruit juice
• Oranges
• Papaya
• Strawberries
• Kiwi fruit
• Red peppers
• Cantaloupe
• Tomato vegetable or tomato juice
• Broccoli
• Mango
• Brussels sprouts
• Grapefruit
• Pea pods
• Green pepper
• Cauliflower
• Kale
• Red cabbage
• Greens
• Butternut squash
• Grapes
• Tomatoes
• Tomato juice and tomato sauce
• Potatoes
• Swiss chard
• Green soybeans
• Berries (raspberries and blackberries)
• Brewer's yeast
• Lentils

3. Anti Aging – many are filled with antioxidants
• Tuna, salmon
• Blueberries
• Yogurt
• Sweet potatoes
• Blueberries***
• Tomatoes
• Dark chocolate
• Kiwi
• Spinach
• Green tea

Washington Toxics needs help spreading the word on BPA

Washington Toxics (WA_Toxics) on Twitter

@ WA_Toxics http://www.watoxics.org/

"Protecting public health and the environment by eliminating toxic pollution. ... FDA scientists tapped chem industry lobbyists 4 help drafting #BPA public safety ... "@nwfoodette @Ecosaveology @pugetpeople10:38 AM Sep 2nd from TweetDeck ...twitter.com/WA_toxics

Thank you lets keep the word out there:)

Other companies working to teach you about toxins:
http://www.saferstates.com/ - Mattel toymaker exempt

Stay Alert!! know what you are using. I use Stainless Steel. No aluminum pans, bottles, storage. No plastics for storage, water, or anything edible. No Glass with Lead!! research it. there are many made overseas that contain lead and most of your old china contains lead.

BE AWARE Toxic Chemicals are just not worth the side effects. NO VOC

Stay healthy:)

Simply - SIGG Reusable Bottles

Reusable Water bottles Made by SIGG:

Reusable Water bottles are a great way to save $$, avoid use of plastics with or without BPA, and a great way to be part of a greener world. If you have used reusable bottles in the past great work. They are reusable for years. However until just recently,

If you are unsure about your SIGG please contact them.

SIGG: Admits "bottles made previous to August, 2008 were lined with a water-based epoxy liner which contained trace amounts of BPA" says Steve Wasik CEO, SIGG Switzerland http://mysigg.com/bulletin/

Does your SIGG have a trace amount of BPA? Check here for an explanation: http://mysigg.com/liner/

Photo - SIGG Official Site

Exchange your SIGG for a new NO BPA SIGG - print out shipping lable and return form http://mysigg.com/bulletin/exchange_program.html

Famous names like Madonna, David Beckham, Cindy Crawford and Julia Roberts have endorsed and used SIGG bottles.

August 24 · Comment · · Share

Guest comment:
ouch, thats NOT good!
August 24

no it's not and for all of those who took the precautions years ago to avoid BPA..what do you use? we have stainless for hot and cold..
August 24

Ecosaveology Mail yours back in for an exchange http://mysigg.com/bulletin/exchange_program.html

Ecosaveology You thought you were on the right track only to be wronged by SIGG...contain BPA: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/08/sigg-bottles-now-bpa-free.php

SIGG Bottles Now BPA Free. But What Were They Before? : TreeHugger
Source: www.treehugger.com
A year and a half ago we asked Are Sigg Aluminum Bottles BPA Free? and our answer was inconclusive. SIGG bottles consistently tested with no detectable levels of Bisphenol A (BPA), but when we asked if their liner was

August 20 · Comment · Share

Safety Belts Are Reusable

Collect safety belts from junk yard cars, planes, car seats, and any vehicles headed
to a landfill

Reuse as:

1. Guitar straps
2. Hand made purse
3. Beusable bag straps
4. Belts for men and woman
5. Hang a picture
6. Luggage strap - add velcro
7. In the garden for vines to climb
8. Add many large holes in a row (like a belt) - hang lengthwise for scraves, hand towels & more
9. Trim a skirt at the base, around the waste
10. Trim a pair of pants or jeans - bottom cuff, up the sides, on the pockets
11. Large dog leash
12. Large dog collar - make both leash and collar
13. Hang Plants by adding hook and holes
14. Travel Blanket strap
15. Weave together to create a purse, bag and reusable bag

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